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[Entry written later inspired by an email message.]

I was excited to receive a QMT Alumni e-newsletter; naturally, I'd been feeling the QMT void in my life this year. Admittedly, I was disappointed that they were still using a huge cut-and-paste list of addresses instead of a listserv as I tried to institute last year... but I was willing to let that pass.

Then I realised that their list of photo credits was noticeably incomplete: two photos taken by me and two photos taken by others on my camera weren't credited at all. People use the photos I put on the website a lot--which is great--and I'm happy for them to be used for the display board, Bruce's CDs, show DVDs and so on... but couldn't they have credited in an external newsletter? The names of the photographers were all right there on the website.

I wrote a letter thanking them for the newsletter, wishing them all the best with 'Cabaret' (which I hear was great) and diplomatically requesting that the next edition include more photo credits. There's been no reply; I hope they don't hate me for it, but I think it was justified.


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