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[Adapted from email]

Rather to my disappointment, we hardly had any snow this winter, so XC skiing or even sledding ("sledging") was out of the question. Considering how chilly my flat can get even when it's above zero outside though, perhaps that was for the best. There is a year-round artificial ski slope outside Edinburgh that I hope to try some time.

I'm doing okay, although finding it rather a strain to work two jobs and still have voice left for church choir now that I'm at Camera Obscura from 9.25 to 6.10 five days a week. At any rate, I'm starting Alexander Technique (http://www.alexandertechnique.com/) lessons today and I have a week-long holiday after Easter.

My working holidaymaker's visa runs out in May, so I can't support myself through regular work after that time. However, the Glasgow International Jazz Festival, Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival, Edinburgh Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe are all registered as "permit free festivals" so (if I understand this correctly) I would be allowed to work for any of them while here on a tourist visa. Thoughts? [Ed - An employee at the Fringe office later told me this was impossible.]

If only Dad had asked for British citizenship when he had the chance...


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