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I had to pay for something today using Canadian change for the first time since October! Things got a bit confused for a few seconds.

I'm at Camp Towhee for the summer again. The changeover from Edinburgh to home (Canada) to pre-camp to camp was possibly the swiftest succession of culture shocks I've ever experienced. Despite being thoroughly immersed in counselling my cabin of children with learning disabilities and social challenges, I still occasionally forget myself and say "pence", "cheers" or "trousers".

Here's the description of my cabin we were given during pre-camp:

A group of gentle, eccentric young men, our oldest guys may seem like ayounger cabin. There are a lot of potentially annoying behaviours inthis cabin (asking questions, difficulty self regulating, bizarre conversation topics)

Staff: Tolerant and appreciative ofeccentricity. These guys won’t be nearly as fun if you are merely‘putting up’ with their oddness - if you can be amused and engaged by delightful uniqueness, this is the cabin for you.

Doesn't that sound cool? It is, believe me. It's also really difficult to prevent them from irritating the hell out of one another.


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