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Very very long story short: Camp Towhee was great, even better than last year. Now I'm back at Queen's University studying music, back living in Princess Towers, back in Choral Ensemble, back in oboe lessons, back in QMT (this time as an ASM!), back in Beginner Tap class, and back to borrowing money from my parents. New things include voice lessons, membership in the choir of St George's Cathedral, trampoline club (from which I already boast a skinned elbow and scrape on my face), a cat to be adopted later today, and the tendency to constantly begin sentences with, "Did you know that in the UK...?"

In terms of television (which I actually don't watch that much), perhaps (squee!) things aren't (meh) so (same old) different from Scotland. (Frankly, I'd rather see this than "Maria".)

My courses this term:
  • RELS 398 - Judaism in the Modern World
  • MUSC 399 - Baroque Counterpoint
  • MUSC 475 - Gender and Popular Music

    My courses next term:
  • MUSC 396 - Introduction to Orchestration
  • WMNS 310 - Introduction to Sexualities and Identities

    Though I obviously don't have a full course load, this is the first time I've had so many upper-year courses at once.
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