Jun. 9th, 2007

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So, everyone's favourite show about a man obsessed with musicals has opened in London. I enjoyed the preview I saw on 20th May--though you could tell that the parts were tailored to the Broadway actors rather than the London ones--and it appears that the press reaction is generally favourable too.

Richard Ouzounian provides a good summary. Ouzounian has a bit of a history with the show, as I've probably said before... Read more... )

Aww... he's forgiven them. And Ouzounian has (in my experience) been known to change his opinion of shows.

Admittedly, the approach towards the Man in Chair has become much more affectionate over the years. You weren't really supposed to like him in the original production, I think. But now (to quote the review on lastminute.com): "[Man in Chair's] quiet, effeminate enthusiasm is completely infectious as he talks the audience through the show, freezing the action for little titbits of Broadway gossip. [...] You’ll fall in love with the loveable agoraphobic to the extent that if you meet Bob Martin you might not be able to resist asking for a big cardigan-ey hug."

It's true. You desperately want to give the character a big hug--but of course I was too shy to ask for anything more than an autograph from the actor himself. At least Mr Martin let me compliment him on the show and his performance this time, unlike in Toronto where he beat a hasty retreat.

In fact... )


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