Nov. 11th, 2007

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Probably as a result of being involved in QMT while at the same time looking forward to the movie of 'Sweeney Todd', I'm on quite the musical theatre kick right now. Upon taking an inventory of my CD (and tape) collection, I counted forty-one recordings of musicals and operettas. Not too bad, I suppose, considering that 'West Side Story' was the only musical theatre recording I owned going into high school, but I want more! (And I'm putting together my Christmas wish list.) I'm having difficulty deciding among the many recordings that interest me so I come to you, musical theatre freaks on my friend list, to recommend where I should go next. What essentials am I missing?

Here are the shows I've heard/seen/done and liked but don't currently own a recording of. One or two of these may be a possibility. )

Here are the shows with which I have some limited familiarity that might be candidates. )

Here are some shows I haven't heard (or perhaps I've heard just a tiny bit) but I'm curious about. )

To give you some background, here are recordings I own that I like. )

And ones I own but don't like )

Instead of a list of shows and recordings I hate, here's a bit of a rant about the sorts of things I usually dislike. )


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