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After something like thirteen years of using a jackknife, one closed on my finger for the first time today. Morbid as I am, I peered inside the 3mm wound and thought, "Ooh--neat!" for about ten seconds before it started to bleed and a bandage became necessary. It was all pretty undramatic at the time, though it really started to frickin' hurt about ten minutes later.

No, this is not the most exciting thing that's happened to me in the past while; it's just the first time I've thought to write since I reinstalled Semagic. I had to restore my laptop to factory condition a little over a week ago--a task that is considerably more irritating to perform now that the OS restore is included on a hidden partition rather than a separate CD. It took four tries before I got [what appears to have been] a clean install.
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I just had the coolest thing happen to me! I went skating again, this time on my own, because it lifted my spirits so well last time. I was trying out stuff I learned waaaay back when I took figure skating (age 7-8, I believe) and a group of girls (about age 8-11) came up to me to ask if I could teach them some tricks. The only actual skating trick that I can do (aside from cross-cuts, bunny hops and the like) is something like the preparation and ending to an axel jump, with an optional little hop in the middle. I can do the half turn but no actual jumping. I don't do the back glide before "taking off" either. All I can do is switch directions and feet and choose which edge to skate on. It's not all that impressive, really--looks like someone attempting old-fashioned figures.

Anyhow, I attempted to teach them some simple stuff as well as I could and they just ate it up. I had a marvellous time skating with these kids; it felt like being a Girl Guide leader again. What a great coincidence. I eventually pointed them at another woman (once she appeared to be free) who obviously knew much more than me about figure skating, and she turned out to be an actual skating teacher. So she gave them a free short lesson and I had fun watching while I took off my skates. The girls ended up on television too--with their second "teacher" though, not me--doing some sort of promo for "Hockeyville". (Sadly, I forgot to watch for it that evening.) And they actually came running back to thank me and tell me what a great time they'd had!

I've been making a special effort to be social (or at least go to social-ish places) this weekend and I'm surprised how much it's paid off. I also finally made it to church this morning, though I was quite late and didn't get to sing in the choir (which is just as well because my throat is still scratchy). Everyone who recognized me was very friendly, as expected.


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