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Probably as a result of being involved in QMT while at the same time looking forward to the movie of 'Sweeney Todd', I'm on quite the musical theatre kick right now. Upon taking an inventory of my CD (and tape) collection, I counted forty-one recordings of musicals and operettas. Not too bad, I suppose, considering that 'West Side Story' was the only musical theatre recording I owned going into high school, but I want more! (And I'm putting together my Christmas wish list.) I'm having difficulty deciding among the many recordings that interest me so I come to you, musical theatre freaks on my friend list, to recommend where I should go next. What essentials am I missing?

Here are the shows I've heard/seen/done and liked but don't currently own a recording of. One or two of these may be a possibility. )

Here are the shows with which I have some limited familiarity that might be candidates. )

Here are some shows I haven't heard (or perhaps I've heard just a tiny bit) but I'm curious about. )

To give you some background, here are recordings I own that I like. )

And ones I own but don't like )

Instead of a list of shows and recordings I hate, here's a bit of a rant about the sorts of things I usually dislike. )
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Note to any Cambridge residents: Notice the not-quite-black shirt I'm wearing? It's been getting incredibly warm up in the balcony during the shows so I've resorted to wearing the lightest-weight dark clothing I have (and also going barefoot like several other people). Even though I can't see the stage as clearly, contacts work better than glasses because they don't get in the way of the headset.

The first week's run went pretty well. The show received quite a positive response from the audiences, there weren't too many snafus (though most of them happened Saturday night) and I think I'm really getting the hang of using the "spotlight" as smoothly as is possible with the limited equipment. Cast and crew members recognize me now, which is nice, and Conor (LX board operator) even complimented me on the improved consistency and steadiness of the follow spot. Interestingly, the responses to the cheesier bits of the show (mostly involving the narrator or Mrs Lyons) range from gasps and stunned silences to raucous laughter, applause and exclamations of, "Oo-oooh!" Additionally and unrelatedly, I came to a novel realization on Saturday: the actors backstage can probably see me on their "James cam" (music director) monitor. That night, I was a bit more careful than usual about making weird faces...

I'll be doing at least one show next week but not all of them; ironically, it's because I was originally going to be away and I assisted Jay (tech director) in finding a replacement. Then I cancelled my attendance at Provincial Annual because Gala Night was scheduled for the 21st, and I didn't want to miss both it and the cast party since they'll be my last QMT events for quite some time (possibly forever).

Unfortunately, despite bowing out of the QMT festivities at the Brass Pub last night, I slept in today and missed the most important church service of the year. Feh. At least I made it to the Tri-Church Good Friday service. (Tri-Church services are ones that are alternated between three downtown Kingston United Churches.)
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Gala Night is on the 21st. Don't ask me why: I didn't choose it.

That's me!

Apr. 10th, 2006 03:07 am
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Evidence of my work in this role actually shows up in photos! (I wasn't told what gels to use during the cue-to-cue though.) It took about three times as long as I expected to crop, resize, put into albums, upload, delete (due to space issues) and reupload those photos and videos. Yes, I need sleep, but I wanted to get it done already!

What I've seen of the performances looks very promising. I still think the show's overblown and/or pretentious in places, but my issue is with the writer rather than the company and luckily I'm busy with the spotlight during most of those times.

No, I didn't make it to church this morning. I slept through my alarm and was too ashamed to go late.
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I made my follow spot (a.k.a. spotlight) debut at today's cue-to-cue for Blood Brothers. Much of the evening was pretty boring, of course, but listening to the headset gave me new insight into the processes of lighting and stage management. And the times when the follow spot was used were actually pretty exciting, having to get ready within a couple seconds of either hearing a cue or (more frequently) happening to notice that the light was on and then trying to figure out where to put it. I'm glad to be doing something in the show.

Last Sunday, I went to Toronto with the Kingston Opera Guild to see the COC's Wozzeck. Pretty much everything about it was fantastic, just like the reviews said. I was duly impressed by Pavlo Hunka's acting and even singing ability despite the fact that he had laryngitis.

I'm tired and I have to [try at least to] get up in time to sing in church tomorrow.


Mar. 23rd, 2006 06:45 pm
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I decide to take a year off and QMT chooses to do Into the Woods! Not only will I be unable to participate, I probably won't be able to come and see it either. It's too much for an ardent Sondheim fan to bear!

(Why couldn't they have done it this year? Waaah!)
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While it'll be a relief not to have to jump every time someone bumps into my bag, I loved a heck of a lot of things about New York. Considering the context of the trip, it was especially nice that there were so many opportunities to obtain standby, rush and student tickets. If I'd not wanted to take time to rest, I could have seen some sort of performance every afternoon and every evening.

Tuesday, February 21: Avenue Q
Wednesday, February 22: Sweeney Todd
Thursday, February 23: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Friday, February 24: New York Philharmonic with Robert Spano (conductor) and Dawn Upshaw (soprano) ($10!)
  • Bartók:  Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta
  • John Harbison:  Milosz Songs for Soprano and Orchestra  (World Premiere: New York Philharmonic Commission)
  • Bernstein:  Symphonic Dances from West Side Story

    (This entry will be updated with comments on each show as I get to write them.)

    Not actually about 'Avenue Q' but related to it )

    For a variety of reasons, Spelling Bee was probably my favourite performance. ... )
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    I'm already sick of the Conservative government.

    In other news, I just returned from the QMT trip to New York City. Overall, I had a great time! More details to come, I hope.
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    The QMT trip to New York City is rapidly approaching. I've found some people with whom I can go sight-seeing, and yesterday we drew up a preliminary itinerary. It includes:
    • places: Rockefeller Centre, MOMA, Times Square, Empire State Building (at night), Central Park and/or 5th Avenue (possibly including the Jewish Museum)

    • shows: Avenue Q (the whole trip group is going to this), any matinee available at TKTS, attempting to get tickets to "The Daily Show"

    • things others are doing that I may skip: Madame Tussaud's, Serendipity (as recommended by Oprah), the Chocolate Bar, shopping, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (17 people are going to this, which will probably not include me unless someone cancels)

    • in favour of: the Cloisters, the Lincoln Centre, Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Museum, Washington Square Park, Grand Central Terminal, Sweeney Todd, 228 Avenue of the Americas

    • Any other suggestions? Geek-related stuff?

      NB: Damn! I'll miss The History Boys by one week and The Drowsy Chaperone by one month!
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    Urinetown got a fantastic review in the Journal! And they used one of my photos!

    It's rather a pity they didn't mention several other key cast members or the orchestra. Also, I don't recall Danny's voice wavering, least of all in "Run, Freedom, Run!"--and I've seen the number five or six times; if there was anything at all it must have been on press night only. But hey... it's an overwhelmingly positive Journal review!
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