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The opera is over and, by and large, I had a fantastic time. It was a tremendous boost to my oboe playing skills--and also to my ability to cope with nerves, since I had to play featured solos on an unfamiliar and finicky instrument. The performances were received well: Mum really liked it, the Journal gave it a favourable review, a number of friends praised the show during intermissions, and a member of the Kingston Opera Guild raved about it for something like five or ten minutes. Several people gave me compliments on my playing specifically--the most pleasing of which would have to be the one from an actual real, live oboe player.

Sadly, I took very few photos and wrote no journal entries during show week. During runs, I was too intent on either playing, counting rests (in constantly varying meters) or preparing to play (which took several seconds). During warm-ups, I was too busy stretching, practicing tricky passages and figuring out how to avoid previous oboe pitfalls. I was worried that taking photos from the pit during the dress rehearsal would distract the cast. Backstage, I knew people would think I was weird for taking photos. So, despite carrying my camera around with me much of the time, I took only three photos of the whole process. Nevertheless--and this is an awful thing to say, but I think it's true--at least one of my photos is better than the two that appeared in the Journal.

Needless to say, my academic performance is shot. I've been struggling all year with finding time to study now that I can't stay up late, so having rehearsals or performances basically every evening didn't help the situation. After rehearsals or performances, I was too exhausted to do anything, yet paradoxically too full of adrenaline to sleep. That caught up with me, of course; I slept for three or four hours at the cast party!


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